Lost Gulch

Lost Gulch is in Flagstaff mountain, about 18 minutes away from Chautauqua park in Boulder. It is the perfect second location for some late sunset photos on top of a mountain with spectacular views.

Easily combined with Eldorado Canyon State Park, South Mesa, Chautauqua or downtown Boulder.

Lost Gulch tends to be really busy with people, but I am a master in working around that. If all fails, I will Photoshop other people out. It’s worth it, as the backdrops and light are beyond amazing here. Love to finish up your shoot here with a few amazing sunset photos at the edge of a cliff. Hope you are not afraid of heights ;D

My assistants will carry all your clothes changes and other gear and help you along. They will have changing pop up tents at your disposal.

This location requires $5 cash for parking per car.

Choosing this location requires minor climbing efforts. Parking is right next to where we shoot.